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ACRONYM ensemble

ACRONYM has the uncanny ability to bring music from distant times roaring to life in front of an audience. This year’s installment will consist of long-buried gems of the (mostly) German instrumental & cantata repertoire, aptly titled:

 “O redempta gens Mortalium” [O people redeemed from Death]

The program:

Samuel Capricornus Sonata a8, A Minor
Johann Rosenmuller “Aude Quid Times” (baritone, 5 strings, bc), D Minor
Georg Piscator Sonata a7, A Minor
Adam Drese Sonata a6, C Major
Andreas Oswald Sonata a3, E Minor
Antonio Bertali Sonata a2, A Minor
Rosenmuller “Salve mi Jesu” (baritone, 5 strings, bc), E Minor

Daniel Eberlin Sonata a2 “La Eminenza,” E Minor
David Pohle Sonata a4, C Major
Phillip Jakob Rittler Sonata a5, F Major
Alessandro Poglietti Sonata a8, A Minor
Rosenmuller “Ascendit Invictissumus” (baritone, 5 strings, bc), C Major
Clemens Thieme Sonata a8, C Major

ACRONYM (the Albino-squirrel Consort Radiating from Oberlin, via New York, Mostly) formed in 2012 to create the first recording of the complete “Alphabet Sonatas” of Johann Pezel. The twelve-member string band is devoted to resurrecting music of the past by giving modern premieres of long-lost works by forgotten composers. It’s second disc, instrumental sonatas by Antonio Bertali, was released in early 2014 to critical acclaim, and Early Music America magazine wrote “the idiomatic performances and spacious recording by these young musicians are absolutely first rate. This is a disc […] belonging in everyone’s collection.” Upcoming projects include concert tours of Pezel, Bertali, and Valentini, as well as the first recordings and modern performances of music by Samuel Capricornus, Johann Rosenmüller, and more.

ACRONYM’s members are:
Edwin Huizinga, Johanna Novom, Beth Wenstrom; violin
Adriane Post; violin and viola
Kyle Miller; viola
Loren Ludwig; treble viol and bass viol
Kivie Cahn-Lipman; tenor viol and lirone
Paul Dwyer; violoncello
Doug Balliett; violone
Daniel Swenberg; theorbo
Elliot Figg; harpsichord and organ
Jesse Blumberg; baritone

Supported by

The Waldo and Alice Ayer Trust, Citizens Bank  |  The Bean Family Foundation  |  The Lizzie Cheney Trust  |  Citizens Bank & Getz Charitable Trust  |  The Putnam Foundation  |  The Gilbert Verney Foundation  |  The National Endowment for the Arts  |  The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation  |  The JWK Trust  |  Terra Nova Trust

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