About Electric Earth Concerts

“Music is the electric earth in which the spirit lives, thinks, invents.”


Beethoven believed that ideas of mysterious and divine origin come to fruition when given voice in the “electric” language of music. Our name honors his idea that music is fertile ground for the spirit, and expresses our desire to make music in an environment alive and open to creative discovery.


Electric Earth Concerts was founded in January, 2012 by Artistic Directors Laura Gilbert and Jonathan Bagg, and Miki Osgood.

The mission of Electric Earth Concerts is twofold:

A. To present affordable concerts of the highest quality in the Monadnock Region and beyond, that will animate, elevate and educate both mind and spirit, and that will freely explore music’s connections to the other arts.

B. To bring music’s enriching and therapeutic power free of charge to   schools, homes for people with disabilities, and other groups whose members cannot easily attend public concerts.

Jonathan Bagg, Co-Director, Electric Earth Music

Jonathan Bagg

Laura Glibert, co director, Electric Earth Music

Laura Glibert

Supported by

The Waldo and Alice Ayer Trust, Citizens Bank  |  The Bean Family Foundation  |  The Lizzie Cheney Trust  |  Citizens Bank & Getz Charitable Trust  |  The Putnam Foundation  |  The Madelaine Von Weber Trust  |  The National Endowment for the Arts  |  The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation  |  The JWK Trust  |  Terra Nova Trust

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